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Podcasting: AB Talk to the Universe

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

I began podcasting about a year or so ago. It was an awesome experience. Worked on a podcast called The A and B Show. I would say I learned so much from that experience in regards to podcasting, but also in life. We provided a nice combination of expertise, experience and conversation. After a full 10 episode season on emotional health and like topics, we dove into motivators of the past and present. A few episodes in on the third season, my partner and I were failing to records a successful episode on Tony Robbins. The partnership and thinking on many topics was going in different directions. So it was all dissolved...

Well, I say all that before diving into my new podcast, hosted on Anchor ( as it was a very challenging time for me personally. It seems I went through the challenges of marital struggle and eventually divorce, while at the same time transforming my life in many positive ways. I learned a tremendous amount about myself and my need for continued growth while learning about others as well. I learned not to focus on them, but myself rather. I learned all about; Instagram, Podcast hosting sites, Equipment, mixers, website hosting and building, post creation, building a following, creating marketing materials, branding and more.

So when The A and B Show seemed completely in the dark and shut down, I realized that I am in control of whether or not I have a Podcast. I was inspired one day and created a logo and account. I literally did that and started recording immediately while on my drive into my old job.

I knew it wasn't high quality sounding or edited and cut, but it is raw and uncut. It is me. It is me being myself and talking out loud. I hope you find the time to click the link above or below and get to listening. The podcast is also available on #spotify and #applepodcast as well as other outlets a few provided.




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