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2023 Clarity & Direction

about half way through this year and things are blossoming. Holding space with brothers and sisters in the south florida area. Breath practices to alter my state, ice baths to reset the body, ultimate foods to keep the gut healthy! If you're struggling, it's possible I could help.

Life has not been easy on me, I used to attract without awareness and the people in my life were all reflecting this struggle within. Finding out that at the root of my sturggle was my mind, gut and energy.

I took action to shift my reality. Now life is blossoming and the reflections I receive are there to teach. I flow through circumstances and do a lot less reacting. I have impact in all of this. This is at the root, the most empowering perspective to live within. Otherwise, life is happening to you and your victimhood is like a giant anchor!


44R0IV I3

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