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Life on your own

I wanted to get moving with my blogging and increase my online presence for all the right and wrong reasons. I keep getting mind trapped by finances. When I become trapped in this subconcious and concious exercise it forces me to dig deeper.

So I decided to write a short piece about life with your own... terms and purpose

Living Life on your own terms is not always so I was mentioning above. The current system is certain to concern most of us with financial concerns, or living within "shrinking means". Only a generation or two ago you could own a home and have a small family in the suburbs with one income. So that is part of what I meant about living on your own terms. The other part is about being yourself. Not succombing to worldly pressures, listening to your voice inside and not others. That is the most important. Being our authentic selfs...

This leads me right into living life with your own purpose.... Not anothers. Often and almost always somebody close has said or is saying something that may hold us back. It's not always intentional. But imagine how ones belief in someone else's statement may impact there efforts, focus, or opportunity all by being scared, worrying about, or not supporting something a loved inspires to do or be. If you are clear, and if you can stay focused, you can find success in any opportunity. Just think of all that current and past man has accomplished from space travel to the Pyramids spread throughout the world, to all the other monuments and once or still today supernatural achievements of construction and design.

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