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What is this all about?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

A Broad question may provoke a broad answer. However, based on one or a collective groups perspective the answer may be narrow in its response.

Today I write about what this is all about to me. Why did I create this page, Why did I create the ABundance, Love and Light Store (, the Podcast on, The Cannabis product, news, and advocacy brand Why the heck am I selling oils and CBD products and serving the local community as a handyman? I have questioned and had questioned if my focus and practices are to abroad.

I am finding that information has it's purpose in my life however is further from the truth. I believe that the entire focus and my purpose in life is to help others. I believe that through some or all of these means, I will begin to drastically improve many lives. By any means; Health, Emotional support or guidance, Holistic habits, Social growth, Products, Gear, or giving a trustworthy reliable day in around your home as a Handyman, I am doing it all. This is my life and I am living it and I am grateful for everything that is and was and that will be.

I have been taught, experienced and observed many other people setting off on their own path. To those that follow certain principles and practices, there is success to be had. To anyone whom is walking out on their old ways and reaching new heights, you know there may be obstacles along the way. It is how we perceive, process and proceed through these situations that define our lives. That said, I believe and have seen living proof of how many succeed and overcome all of the obstacles life may present.

To answer the question, this is all about Love! All about sharing, connecting, growing, transforming, evolving and reaching new heights. It's about inspiration, support, sharing love and being the light. Please don't hesitate to reach out no matter where or what it is. The answer is always no if you don't ask.

"Nothing else is happening but GOD"
I read this one day and it changed some of my thoughts. I wrote this one day and it changed my views. I lived this one day and it changed my LIFE! -44R0N I3

Sunset in Florida!  Mother Nature, GOD, Universe, whatever it is to you, you can't deny the beauty.
Another Beautiful capture.

I try to always capture sunsets and sunrises. To me it is a practice of honoring the day either through intention in the morning, or gratitude for the day that has past...

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